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Arcade Action Sports LogoArcade Action Sports Logo

The Arcade Pro Beginner Skateboard for Kids AND Adults!

… Because Even Newbies Deserve to Have a “Real” Skateboard Too!

If you’ve looked around for “first” skateboards, the first thing you notice is how plain, stiff and sticky they are. Nothing at all like the boards you see tricking out at the skate park. The second thing you may notice, is while most beginner boards are for adults and kids – the designs are childish. It’s embarrassing for adults. And, for our kids who are just so quick to wanna grow up, childish is not how they see themselves.

So, we built the Arcade Pro, A Ready-To-Ride Complete Skateboard for everyone.

Arcade stunt scootersArcade stunt scooters

Arcade by NextsportArcade by Nextsport


NEXTSPORT is San Francisco Bay Area based company that creates and designs innovative products that excite and exceed expectations.

A portion of our proceeds are donated to…



The ARCADE BRAND Captures the Young Skate and Scooter Mindset and Cultures.




Full Arcade Skateboard CollectionFull Arcade Skateboard Collection


At ARCADE We work with pro riders and skate artists to bring the sickest colorways to life!

Arcade skateboard deck

Arcade skateboard deck

Arcade skateboard wheel bearings

Arcade skateboard wheel bearings

Arcade skateboard graphics and colors

Arcade skateboard graphics and colors

Go From Newb to Pro on Our Custom Deck

Our custom Arcade Pro Deck features a One Degree Concave and Double Kick Tails. It’s mellow enough for beginners to learn to skate along with solid foot placement, but offers the flexibility for when they’re brave enough to try those first tricks! Made from 6061-T6 Aircraft Aluminum, the trucks on this deck are as tough as they are light! You may not be hitting any 180 heelflips right now, but we made The Pro to be 100% ready when you are! And Carbon Steel Axles support even the roughest beginners.

Glide Along As If You’ve Done It All Before!

Everyone knows you can’t go fast with sticky bearings, and there’s nothing more satisfying as the sound of smooth wheels on a smooth surface, right? While most beginner skateboards feature ABEC 5 Rated Bearings and rough cheap wheels, the Arcade Pro is fitted with ABEC 7 – the industry standard for boards above this level. 54mm Injected PU Skateboard Wheels with 88a durometer give beginners grip but also speed when they want it. Safe for kids, and smooth for adults! Everyone deserves a great set of wheels.

Colorways That Aren’t JUST For Kids

While everyone else bumbles around on their boring plain boards, you, or your kids will actually look like a real skater with your Arcade Pro. We work with pro riders and skate artists to bring the sickest colorways to life! There are 5 to choose: Neon, Lava, Mushroom Dude, Ying Yang Cats or Ducky Tube. They’re right for kids, without being childish for adults. The deck features a smaller matching decal on the grip tape – no boring black grips here. So go ahead and take a look at all 5, and then choose your fave!

Arcade skateboard wheels and trucks

Arcade skateboard wheels and trucks

Arcade skateboard young rider ollie

Arcade skateboard young rider ollie

skateboard sticker pack

skateboard sticker pack

Precision Arcade Custom Parts

We’ve taken the best parts of expensive boards and customized The Pro for the most satisfying ride. No need to replace parts like similar boards!

54mm Injected PU Wheels / 32mm wide
95a Durometer for Grip and Speed
ABEC 7 Bearings
Tough T-6061 Aircraft Aluminum Trucks
Flexi 7-Ply Maple Wood Deck
Concave Design (1 Degree)
Carbon Steel Axles

Who Can Ride THIS Board?

The Arcade Pro Skateboard is a light, yet strong 5lbs – built for beginners aged 7 years and more!

Ages: No Limits!
Max Weight – 220lbs
Deck 7.75” x 31.25” (Max shoe size 12)
Suitable for any height

From the graphics to the build, The Arcade Pro is the only beginner board created for all ages.

With Included Sticker Pack!

Your order also comes stacked with a logo sticker pack featuring designs by our pro skate artists. When your Arcade Pro arrives, the only thing you need to do is unbox it and start skating! Notice the colored bolt on one end of your board – it’s a fast hack to help you differentiate the front and the back at a single glance. There’s nothing to tighten, nothing to assemble and nothing else to buy. The grip tape is already applied, so, just get outside like a kid at 6am on Christmas Day!

skateboard trucks and wheels

skateboard trucks and wheels

arcade skateboard usa based

arcade skateboard usa based

Arcade penny board colors

Arcade penny board colors

Precision Trucks & Wheels

Unlike some boards, you won’t need to replace your trucks and wheels for “something better”. Because we design them right here in the USA, they’re better already!

Proudly Located in the USA

With over a decade in beginner and advanced pro scooters, we’re proud to bring you the latest in beginner and pro skateboards. For after sales service, we’re conveniently located in the USA.

Need To Cruise, Too?

If you’re looking for a cruiser, you’ll love knowing we also have a fun range of cruiser boards built for beginners and advanced riders looking for a solid board. Go check out the Arcade Cruisers!

🛹 START SKATING, LIKE A PRO! For a beginner skateboard that feels like anything BUT, we designed the Arcade Skateboard! This pre-assembled board is flexi enough for learning tricks and flips, while precision trucks, bearings, axles and wheels give you the freedom to practice turning and carving without getting stuck!
🛹 WHO’S IT FOR? Arcade Pro Skateboards are for ALL beginners! They’re skateboards for kids and also skateboards for adults who know that ANY time is the BEST time to learn! Your Arcade Pro Skateboard can hold 220lbs, built for any height and with a 7.75 x 31.25 inch deck, takes up to size 12 shoes.
🛹 A COMPLETE SKATEBOARD: Perfect concave and double kick tails are built into a Flexi 7-Ply Maple Wood Deck so you can trick out on day one! This 5lb board has smooth ABEC-7 Bearings with 54mm Injected PU Wheels / 95a for a good grip but also a little extra speed when its time. T6 Aluminum Trucks and Carbon Steel Axles support even the roughest beginners. The custom grip tape is already applied to your board.
🛹 SICK COLORWAYS AND STICKER PACK! Beginner skateboards for girls and boys usually have boring graphics, but even newbs deserve a board that’s lit! Arcade Pro Skate Boards come in 5x designs for all ages! Choose now, your favorite from Origin, Lava, Mushroom Dude, Ying Yang Cats or Ducky Tube! The top grip tape is stuck HARD unlike other cheap skateboards. Also comes with FREE Stickers!
🛹 ARCADE PRO SERVICE: With over a decade in designer scooters, we’re proud to bring you the latest in beginner boards that feels JUST like a $300 one! Comes with a 2 Year Warranty plus 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and Customer Service Department for any questions. Order Now Risk Free. And if you’re looking for Cruiser Skateboards, head over now to our new listing because they JUST dropped!

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