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Cub No-Pedal Balance Bike

If They Can Walk, They Can Ride!

Training wheels are the one thing they’ll be glad you took away.

The baddest beginner’s bike on the block is designed for new cyclists 20 months to 5 years of age. Our Cub’s no-pedal form bears a low down tube and kid-friendly frame so your little one can easily get on and off their new set of wheels. Unlike the new shoes they got last week, Cub is intuitively designed to grow with your little one. Adjustable handlebars and seat tube allow Cub to keep up with them, while they catch up to you.

The Ride

Cub doesn’t have pedals; instead, tiny riders move forward with their feet. This approach makes getting on a bike less scary and ultimately sets them up for an easier transition to a big kid bike.

A low stand-over height, step-through frame, and no-pop tires makes Cub as durable as it is adorable.

Meets or exceeds all standards of safety for CPSC/CPSIA CFR 16:1512.

Careful and constant adult supervision is required when riding this bike. Always wear a helmet. Not suitable for children under 20 months.


It’s CPSC compliant for your child’s safety

Air-Free Tires

Indestructible Frame

Lightweight and Maneuverable


20 Months to 5 Years

Intuitive Riding

Simple Pedal-Free Push Bike

cub, retrospec, balance bike, push,cub, retrospec, balance bike, push,

No Pedals? Wait, What?

No pedals, no problem. Cub balance bike helps your tiny cyclist learn without the training wheels. With less distance between their feet and the ground, kids are able to better control their speed, avoid nasty falls, and minimize the chance of getting hurt. Keep ‘em riding with air-free tires, making tube replacements a thing of the past.

cub, balance bike, retrospec, critical cycles,cub, balance bike, retrospec, critical cycles,


Tiny components don’t minimize the durability of our balance bike. The Cub’s easy-to-climb frame is constructed from lightweight high-tensile steel and features a miniature city comfort saddle for easy riding (and balancing!). Airless, durable tires make for a safer, no-pop ride and reliable grip on the sidewalk.

Safety Check

cub balance bike, retrospec, critical cycles, push bike

cub balance bike, retrospec, critical cycles, push bike

cub balance bike, push bike, retrospec, critical cycles

cub balance bike, push bike, retrospec, critical cycles

retrospec, cub, balance bike, critical cycles, push bike

retrospec, cub, balance bike, critical cycles, push bike


With no pedals, kids scoot themselves along, constantly balancing on their legs instead of falsely relying on the skewed center of gravity training wheels can cause.

Kids feel in control of their ride, limiting the possibility of speeding faster than their comfort zone and getting hurt.


Cub encourages intuitive riding to develop balance and coordination. With this in mind, kids familiar with a balance bike will more easily transition to a “big-kid” set of wheels.


Cub requires minimal assembly and basically no maintenance. The high-tensile strength steel frame and fork are virtually indestructible. The handles and seat post are adjustable, accounting for all inevitable growth spurts!

Cub doesn’t require brakes, pedals, gears, or even air in the tires! No maintenance means more time spent riding.



At Retrospec, our ethics are rooted in the earth. We are passionate advocates for more responsible and vigilant efforts to improve the health of our planet. Fueled by a small but mighty team of innovators, we thoughtfully design and develop superior, yet affordable products for life apart from the 9-5. But value is merely a byproduct of our integrity, not the standard by which we measure success.

Retrospec was born from a passion for cycling. Our fixed gear bicycles became a symbol for our commitment to the outdoors and pledge to affordable and green methods of transportation. Since then, we’ve created hundreds of products that help you achieve one goal: taking hold of the outdoors. We have proudly created a space where our mission can flourish, achieve, and conquer the unknown.

Cub cultivates confidence in children learning to balance on two wheels with its step-thru frame and foot-to-floor design.
This extremely safe beginner’s bike reduces the risk of injury by keeping feet and frame low to the ground. Pint-size cyclists are able to zip, cruise, and coast without any nasty falls.
Improves balance and coordination at crucial developmental stages enabling a seamless transition to the big-kid bike of their dreams.
Cub is maintenance-free, worry-free, and requires minimal assembly. Air-free tires improve safety and never go flat.
Fits children from 20 months to 5 years old With adjustable seat posts and handlebars. Plus, Cub is CPSC compliant to ensure your child’s safety.

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