Teamgee H20T Longboards Electric Skateboard with Remote Hub Motors 2x600W, 26PMH Top Speed, 4 Speed Adjustment

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The Teamgee H20T electric skateboard uses a high-quality Canadian maple integrated board, 8 pieces of Canadian maple + 1 piece of fiberglass. Fiberglass prevents the skateboard from being scratched. The skateboard is as thin as 15mm, not because of sacrificing strength, but with a better quality plate.


Brand Introduction

Teamgee began its business as an OEM and ODM of various electronic components but it definitely didn’t limit itself there. For the past few years, Teamgee has established itself in the E-mobility world offering products such as the hoverboard, electric-scooter and unicycle.


Teamgee H20T uses a 2*600W dual-drive brushless motor, full power, no pressure climbing, the maximum speed of H20T longboard skateboard is 24mph, and it can climb up to 30 degrees. Unlike other skateboards that are difficult to climb uphill, the H20 motor is powerful and allows you to get pleasure and pleasure on any city street.








1. Please read the manual carefully before using the electric skateboard.

2. Do not let your children use electric skateboards without adult supervision.

3. The travel distance, climbing ability and maximum speed of the electric longboard may vary according to the rider’s weight, road surface quality, wind speed, riding method and other factors.

4. Wear helmets, knee pads, elbow pads and other protective equipment when riding.

5. Please do not use it in the following road conditions: in the rain, on a bumpy cobblestone road or in a project with signs.

6. The skateboard has a certain waterproof, but does not have the performance of soaking in water, please pay attention to waterproof during use. Damage to electronic components due to improper use is not covered by the service.


The remote control has four speed modes, the intelligent two-way remote control can be adjusted, the buttons are easy to operate, the remote control conforms to the palm design of the human body, it fits the hand perfectly, and it can be held for a long time without fatigue. Move back to charge.
4 different brake mode: pull down to the end of the throttle, at the meantime, press the speed button to switch brake mode(B1, B2, B3, B4) Can adapt to the needs of different levels of rider no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun
4 different speed mode:different speed mode (L/M/H/H+). H+ mode only differs from H mode on a higher accelerate speed at start.

▶Fast Delivery: Our overseas warehouses in the United States have inventory, so if you buy now, the logistics aging will only take 2-10 working days. Without waiting for a long time, you can quickly own a cool electric skateboard.
▶Enhanced Tires: Take a ride on any road or surface through rain or shine. Using 103mm rubber tires that are widened by 24 holes to add shock absorption. The holes create a buffer zone and reduce weight allowing you to cruise in stability on any road. For a limited time only, we will send you a set of PU wheels ($79.99 value) for free with your H20T orders. You can switch easily between the rubber wheels and PU wheels matching your board to the terrain.
▶Adjustable Speed Wireless Remote Control: The 4 speed mode and 4 brake mode can meet different needs of your ride. 4 different brake mode pull down to the end of the throttle, at the meantime, press the speed button to switch brake mode(B1, B2, B3, B4) Can adapt to the needs of different levels of rider no matter you are a novice or a professional rider, you can have fun.4 different speed mode different speed mode (L/M/H/H+).
▶Powerful 1200W Hub Motor: 1200W hub motors can give you access to lightning-fast acceleration and a top speed of 26 Mph/42Kph, which delivers a thrill and joy on any city street and is equally at home or on larger campuses.
▶Special Design: The board design of the H20T is made with stability and comfort in mind. Using a unique and exclusive to Teamgee boards W-shaped foot socket to create a firm surface for stable foot placement. Rider stability is further supported by the warped sides and concave formation design of the wheels that help the shockproof and stable nature of the board on uneven surfaces.

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