ZALALOVA Inline Skates for Kids, 4 Size Adjustable Skates with Shiny Surface and Light Up Wheels Beginner Pink Roller Skates for Girls

Product Description


Adjustable Size:

Our inline skates can be adjusted in four sizes, and you can easily extend or shorten the size of the skates with the PUSH button.

Full Flash Wheels:

The skates have 8 full flashing wheels, which are automatically lit when you are skating. Add more fun to your children.

Triple Protection System:

Velcro, wear-resistant shoelaces and adjustable buckles have a better wrapping effect on the feet.

Right Foot Brake System:

The right foot is equipped with a brake system, which is easy to operate and efficient in braking.

Durable Material:

The shell and aluminum frame provide the skater with greater stability and control.

High-Performance Bearings:

The high-quality ABEC-7 bearing allows you to have a smooth and quiet sliding experience.


Product Features:

Material: PU, Mesh, Plastic

Color: Pink, White

Wheels: 8 Rounds of Full Flash


Why choose ZALALOVA inline skates?

1. Adjustable in four sizes

2.8 full flash lighting wheels

3. Glittering surface

4.ABEC-7 bearing

5. Comfortable and breathable inner lining

6. Multiple protective gear







Package Includes:

A pair of adjustable Inline skates

2 x Bracers

2 x Knee Pads

2 x Elbow Pads

2 x Hexagonal Wrench

Warm Tips:

1. Before use, please wear helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow Pads and other protective equipment.

2. Please rotate the wheel to check its tightness before use. If the screws are loose, please adjust make sure they are tight.

3. Please fasten the shoelaces and fix the buckle.

4. It is recommended to wear a pair of sports socks to ensure comfortable feet.

5. Do not skate on wet or uneven roads.

6. Beginners should ride under the supervision of adults.

Maintenance and care:

1. Sliding on a smooth road can extend the life of the wheels and bearings.

2. If it is not smooth during sliding, you can use lubricating oil to increase the lubrication of the wheel bearings.

3. When not in use, keep it in a dry place and avoid direct sunlight.


👧👦FULL FLASHING WHEEL and SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: 8 Illuminating wheels, no battery required. It emits colorful lights when sliding, making the skates look so cool. High-performance ABEC-7 bearings, thick aluminum alloy brackets, and wear-resistant PU wheels provide comfort and allow you to enjoy smooth, quiet, and pleasant sliding.
👧👦TRIPLE PROTECTION SYSTEM: Velcro, wear-resistant shoelaces and buckles, multiple protection systems can quickly adjust the tightness and provide a comfortable sliding experience.
👧👦INDEPENDENT BRAKING SYSTEM: The right foot has a braking system, which can be stopped at any time. Simple and efficient. When you brake, you can bend your body slightly and use your left foot to support the center of gravity of your body.
👧👦IDEAL for BIRTHDAY /HOLIDAY GIFTS: you will receive a pair of roller skates, a pair of bracers, a pair of knee pads, a pair of elbow pads, a wrench, screws, and other tool accessories. Adjustable inline skates can allow children to enjoy sports and are one of the choices for birthday and holiday gifts.

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